$ Summer Dollars

Summer Dollars are received during the month of May when purchases total $20 or more.  They are redeemable for predetermined dates in June for 50% off your plant purchase.


A Spring Garden Tea

Please join us to celebrate spring with a Container Garden Party.  Each participant will plant a 14” container, choosing 1 combination from predesigned recipes or design one of your own.  The container is versatile and can be used as a container, a basket or transplanted later into a larger container if desired.  We will continue to grow the containers in the greenhouse.  Participants can ‘visit’ their container, checking it’s progress throughout the growing season as desired.  All containers should be claimed by mid-May.  The specific date will be announced.

Afterwards, we will enjoy sharing dessert and locally grown teas.  Herbal teas, coffee, tea and dessert will be served.

Event cost is $49


Before you come, consider where you will place your container – sun or shade and what color scheme you would like.  Will it hang as a basket, sit on a table or on the ground or get transplanted?  We will provide gloves, but if you would like to wear an apron to protect your clothing, please bring that along.